The world's first genderless AI voice helps change the thinking of virtual assistants as women.


According to the latest survey, a quarter of Europeans want "important political decisions made by artificial intelligence (AI) instead of current politicians."


Face images of people being used without their permission, to develop facial recognition systems. This is the technology that may eventually monitor them.


"Growth Hacking" is a quite new and interesting concept. Do you think that your users number was initially several dozen, maybe up to several hundred, several thousand, sometimes up to millions in a short period of time? This may sound unbelievable, but with "Growth Hacking" it is possible. The proof for this concept is the series of famous companies using this technology such as Facebook, Dropbox, Quora, Pinterest, ...


2018 was named the year of regional e-commerce, so what do we expect in 2019? The Ecommerce IQ team has interviewed industry leaders to find predictable trends for online retailers and brands in Southeast Asia.


In 2018, which countries that read the most, what we read, where are paradise countries for booklovers as well as lots of other fascinating insights will be shared in this world reading habits report.