Some voices are not working as before, what I have to do?

There are indeed some issues with some of the voices due to recent changes in browser voices. If a voice is available in the browser it will still work if not TextToSpeech.io finds and delivers the next best alternative.

Therefore, there are some options for you to try before contacting us.

  • Try to upgrade your current browser to the latest stable version, then use again the service on TextToSpeech.io to make sure it work well again.
  • Try to use on different browsers. For example if you have issues with Chrome, please try to use Edge (based on Chromium) or Firefox and vice versa.
  • If it doesn't work for you, please contact us with some details information about your OS (operating system) & browser version
Can I use the generated text to speech files in my commercial works?

The service basically is free to use for your personal purposes.

  • Otherwise, please help to add a credit / backlink to our site (https://texttospeech.io) to keep this free service running.
  • You can also donate us (Click on Donate on the homepage of https://texttospeech.io) to keep this free service running.
  • If you want to share about your services, you can also send an email to us then we can add it to a "sites / services listing" that is currently using our TTS.
  • You can also consider to create an account and subscribe to a paid package with premium voices & features, e.g long speeches saving, SSML support,...
Payment Issues - How to pay?

We currently use Paypal to process payments in case you want to subscribe to a higher package.

If Paypal doesn't support your credit cards, we are very sorry that we can not help you to process further.