With the high quality support, our general voices are enough for many cases. And it is even better with the new beta emotional voice feature that helps our users better apply the TTS reader to fit the end-user scenarios.

Then you could think if there is anything that could make the text to speech reader even better? At TextToSpeech.io, the limitation is only your imagination. The TTS is great and it could help you speak anything you want in a very natural and professional manner. But what if you could have a speaker to present the speech you are converting! Then it goes from the voice only to the video presentation that could engage your customers much better.

But how to do that? We are talking about our new Beta Talking Avatar feature! WIth this new technology, you could have a 3D Avatar to talk whatever you want. If not the first, we at least are one of the first to provide the amazing feature to you. A lot more interesting things are coming & in progress to develop. 

At this time, the feature is in Beta status and only available for subscribed users. Only 2 Avatars are available for Minimum users. Users with higher packages could have much more avatars to try. A great coming feature is every subscribed user could have his/her own avatar!

For now, we support 34 languages with a lot of voices available to have the Avatar speaking, along with the core text to speech feature. Feel free to contact us if you have any question or idea about the feature.