• Pronunciation Video of accord

  • Pronunciation of accord: AH0 K AO1 R D (ə'kɔrd)

  • Number of syllables of accord: 2

  • Definition of accord

    • (n): sympathetic compatibility  
    • (n): a written agreement between two states or sovereigns  
    • (n): concurrence of opinion; "we are in accord with your proposal"  
    • (n): harmony of people''s opinions or actions or characters; "the two parties were in agreement"  
    • (v): allow to have; "grant a privilege"  
    • (v): go together; "The colors don''t harmonize"; "Their ideas concorded"  
  • Examples of accord

    • The pen and the sword in accord.  
    • The fall of the Accord indeed led to the second referendum on independence.  
    • The accord agreement must be transacted on a new agreement.  
    • The accord led to the establishment of the African Union in 2002.  
    • The chypre accord is used in both male and female perfumery.  
    • The Church is the arbiter of accord.  
    • We reached the accord after long discussion.  
    • He served as negotiator for the accord of the Constitutional Assembly of 1991.  
    • He refused the Tripartite accord in 1985 and the Taef accord in 1989.  
    • The accord was signed in the aftermath of the war.  
  • Understanding Accord: What It Means and How to Use It

    Accord is a versatile word that appears in different contexts and can have varying meanings depending on the context. This makes it an interesting and crucial concept to understand. In this article, we will explore the full meaning of accord, its synonym, how to use it, and what the phrase "own accord" means.

    What is the Full Meaning of Accord? Accord can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun, it refers to an agreement or harmony between two or more parties. As a verb, it means to give or grant someone something they desire or to match or correspond with something else. It can also mean to be in agreement with someone.

    What is the Synonym of Accord? Some synonyms of accord include harmony, concord, agreement, consensus, understanding, and compliance.

    How do You Use the Word Accord? Accord can be used in various contexts to describe agreement or harmony between two parties or things. For example, "The two countries reached an accord on trade negotiations" or "The colors of the curtains accord with the walls." It can also be used as a verb, such as "I accorded him the respect he deserved" or "My actions did not accord with my beliefs."

    What does Own Accord mean? The phrase "own accord" means doing something voluntarily or without being prompted or influenced by anyone else. It is synonymous with "on your own" or "by yourself." For example, "He came to the party of his own accord" or "She completed the project on her own accord."

    In Conclusion Understanding the full meaning of accord, its synonyms, and how to use it can be useful in various situations, including academic writing, business, and personal communication. Using the phrase "own accord" can demonstrate independence and self-motivation. So, go ahead and start incorporating accord into your language and see how it improves your communication skills!

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