• Pronunciation of amaze: AH0 M EY1 Z (ə'meɪz)

  • Number of syllables of amaze: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of amaze

  • Definition of amaze

    • (v): be a mystery or bewildering to; "This beats me!"; "Got me--I don''t know the answer!"; "a vexing problem"; "This question really stuck me"  
    • (v): affect with wonder; "Your ability to speak six languages amazes me!"  
  • Examples of amaze

    • He tried to amaze the others.  
    • This place continues to amaze me.  
    • This music will amaze and delight you.  
    • Their ceramics and monuments still amaze.  
    • Frania, you never cease to amaze me with the swiftness of your replies  
    • At 19 he continued to shock and amaze.  
    • At leastWikipedia continues to amuse and amaze.  
    • The wonders of the internet never cease to amaze me.  
    • RK's powers of divination amaze me.  
    • They are built to amaze and astonish.  

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