• Pronunciation Video of ancestry

  • Pronunciation of ancestry: AE1 N S EH0 S T R IY0 ('ænsɛstri)

  • Number of syllables of ancestry: 3

  • Definition of ancestry

    • (n): inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline  
    • (n): the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors"  
  • Examples of ancestry

    • But the ancestry of the Saint is irrelevant.  
    • This is the ancestry of the Chinese language.  
    • Stop aggravating the reputation of the ancestry.  
    • Also the issue on Nightbeat reveals the ancestry of the name.  
    • Humans share a common ancestry with the housefly.  
    • The ancestry and evolutionary relationships of the deinotheres remain obscure.  
    • The Arneja ancestry is of the Punjab and Sindh.  
    • The ancestry of the Shar Pei is uncertain.  
    • Thus, it is an amoeba of flagellate ancestry.  
    • A mongrel is something of mixed ancestry.  

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