• Pronunciation of anticipate: AE0 N T IH1 S AH0 P EY0 T (æn'tɪsə,peɪt)

  • Number of syllables of anticipate: 4

  • Pronunciation Video of anticipate

  • Definition of anticipate

    • (v): be a forerunner of or occur earlier than; "This composition anticipates Impressionism"  
    • (v): regard something as probable or likely; "The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow"  
    • (v): realize beforehand  
    • (v): make a prediction about; tell in advance; "Call the outcome of an election"  
    • (v): be excited or anxious about  
    • (v): act in advance of; deal with ahead of time  
  • Examples of anticipate

    • It sometimes allows to anticipate the quality of the article.  
    • The framers of the system didnt anticipate block voting.  
    • I try to anticipate the needs of the audience.  
    • This insightful prediction can be seen to anticipate the role of the Internet.  
    • The producers did not anticipate the protest after the airing of the episode.  
    • Materials that strive to anticipate the future needs of the community.  
    • I anticipate only but a handful.  
    • At daybreak, the Puritan soldiers anticipate victory over the Royalists.  
    • The Meaning of the name as you could anticipate is religous.  
    • The best defense is to listen for the splat and anticipate the ball action.  

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