• Pronunciation of applause: AH0 P L AO1 Z (ə'plɔz)

  • Number of syllables of applause: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of applause

  • Definition of applause

    • (n): a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together  
  • Examples of applause

    • His generosity drew the applause of the multitude.  
    • Tom enters to the stage to rapturous applause.  
    • Damiens was then dismembered, to the applause of the crowd.  
    • Each float in passing received its meed of praise and applause.  
    • The performance was received with standing ovations and rapturous applause.  
    • He bowed as the applause crescendoed again.  
    • The applause that followed was thunderous.  
    • Also the applause of the public was considered.  
    • It received its meed of praise and applause.  
    • Jerry gets all the applause and the curtains fall.  

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