• Pronunciation of approximate: AH0 P R AA1 K S AH0 M AH0 T (ə'prɑksəmət)

  • Number of syllables of approximate: 4

  • Pronunciation Video of approximate

  • Definition of approximate

    • (v): judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"  
    • (v): be close or similar; "Her results approximate my own"  
    • (s): located close together; "with heads close together"; "approximate leaves grow together but are not united"  
    • (s): very close in resemblance; "sketched in an approximate likeness"; "a near likeness"  
    • (s): not quite exact or correct; "the approximate time was 10 o''clock"; "a rough guess"; "a ballpark estimate"  
  • Examples of approximate

    • The approximate circumference of the fort is 2600 meters.  
    • The switches circumscribe the approximate pivot location of the handle.  
    • The approximate population of the area is 4093.  
    • Every experimenter found approximate agreement with the theory.  
    • In firearms, the caliber is the approximate diameter of bullet used.  
    • The approximate center of the Solitario is located.  
    • The dot is in the approximate location of Abilene.  
    • Approximate dimensions of a common speeder car are given below.  
    • Mesquite is the approximate center of the valley.  
    • It is just shorthand for the approximate beginning of the conflict.  

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