• Pronunciation of assault: AH0 S AO1 L T (ə'sɔlt)

  • Number of syllables of assault: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of assault

  • Definition of assault

    • (n): thoroughbred that won the triple crown in 1946  
    • (v): attack in speech or writing; "The editors of the left-leaning paper attacked the new House Speaker"  
    • (v): attack someone physically or emotionally; "The mugger assaulted the woman"; "Nightmares assailed him regularly"  
    • (v): force (someone) to have sex against their will; "The woman was raped on her way home at night"  
  • Examples of assault

    • Accounts of the assault differ markedly.  
    • They manage to elude the assault.  
    • The criminal was arrested for committing assault.  
    • Several soldiers have been charged with physical assault and verbal attack.  
    • The barrage wiped out the assault wave.  
    • Pressured by the Hurons to attack prematurely, the assault failed.  
    • Police probe serious River Heights assault.  
    • Sexual assault and rape can happen at college.  
    • A family wants the teenager who hit their son at school to be charged with assault and battery.  
    • They included sexual assault, attempted rape and carrying out lewd and libidinous practices towards children.  

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