• Pronunciation Video of attainment

  • Pronunciation of attainment: AH0 T EY1 N M AH0 N T (ə'teɪnmənt)

  • Number of syllables of attainment: 3

  • Definition of attainment

    • (n): arrival at a new stage; "his attainment of puberty was delayed by malnutrition"  
    • (n): the act of achieving an aim; "the attainment of independence"  
    • (n): an ability that has been acquired by training  
  • Examples of attainment

    • His object is the attainment of truth in matters of fact.  
    • This cyclical process ends in the attainment of moksha.  
    • It appears in celebrations of the attainment of new career heights.  
    • The attainment of this pure and empty mind is true samadhi.  
    • The attainment of students on entry to the sixth form is well above average.  
    • He preached the simplicity of life and attainment of high spiritual realization.  
    • In the attainment of this ideal, he is ready to sacrifice everything.  
    • An interesting take is on the educational attainment of the population.  
    • It symbolizes his attainment of reliance in the spiritual guide.  
    • People like the feeling of attainment.  

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