• Pronunciation of author: AO1 TH ER0 ('ɔθər)

  • Number of syllables of author: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of author

  • Definition of author

    • (n): someone who originates or causes or initiates something; "he was the generator of several complaints"  
    • (n): writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)  
    • (v): be the author of; "She authored this play"  
  • Examples of author

    • The book shows the remarkable dialectic talent of the author.  
    • Both the book and its author unexpectedly survived the war.  
    • He's an author peddling to the pseudoarchaeology book market.  
    • The proeminence of book made the author popular.  
    • Attribute the opinion to the author of the book.  
    • In his great humility the author published the book anonymously.  
    • The book was underwritten by the author.  
    • Regardless of the author, the book is obsolete.  
    • The company distributes the book on behalf of the author.  
    • Did the author try to write this in a lighthearted style  

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