• Pronunciation of belly: B EH1 L IY0 ('bÉ›li)

  • Number of syllables of belly: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of belly

  • Definition of belly

    • (n): the underpart of the body of certain vertebrates such as snakes or fish  
    • (n): a protruding abdomen  
    • (n): the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis  
    • (n): the hollow inside of something; "in the belly of the ship"  
    • (n): a part that bulges deeply; "the belly of a sail"  
    • (v): swell out or bulge out  
  • Examples of belly

    • The belly is smooth and mottled black and white.  
    • Jonah survived in the belly of the whale.  
    • The belly is granular and white or pale yellow.  
    • The belly is cream and the iris is golden.  
    • His belly was ballooning from the internal bleeding.  
    • People stared at his protuberant belly.  
    • The abdomen is aslo called as the belly.  
    • The back is flat and the belly is curved.  
    • The back is green and the belly is rufous.  
    • The belly is white and finely granular.  

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