• Pronunciation Video of bloodline

  • Pronunciation of bloodline: B L AH1 D L AY0 N ('bləd,laɪn)

  • Number of syllables of bloodline: 2

  • Definition of bloodline

    • (n): ancestry of a purebred animal  
    • (n): the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors"  
  • Examples of bloodline

    • His father's bloodline was mysteriously untraceable.  
    • As such, there's no validity to the bloodline relationship of an adoptee.  
    • It usually follows the same bloodline.  
    • Nosferatu are a bloodline of Nictuku.  
    • So the bloodline continues with the next male primogeniture.  
    • The bloodline of the sage is referred to as the bloodline that trancends death.  
    • But the bloodline kicked in at age 15.  
    • Bloodline is not a guarantee of veracity.  
    • A cursed bloodline is cursed until the end of that bloodline.  
    • Black isn't an actual bloodline.  

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