• Pronunciation of book: B UH1 K

  • Number of syllables of book: 1

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  • Definition of book

    • (n): the sacred writings of Islam revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina  
    • (n): a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone; "Al Smith used to say, `Let''s look at the record''"; "his name is in all the recordbooks"  
    • (n): a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance  
    • (n): a collection of rules or prescribed standards on the basis of which decisions are made; "they run things by the book around here"  
    • (n): a record in which commercial accounts are recorded; "they got a subpoena to examine our books"  
    • (v): engage for a performance; "Her agent had booked her for several concerts in Tokyo"  
    • (v): record a charge in a police register; "The policeman booked her when she tried to solicit a man"  
    • (v): arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance; "reserve me a seat on a flight"; "The agent booked tickets to the show for the whole family"; "please hold a table at Maxim''s"  
    • (v): register in a hotel booker  
  • Examples of book

    • The plot of the book follows the description of the conquest previously given.  
    • The crest comprises the book of learning and the star of knowledge.  
    • The Book of Jacob is the third book of the Book of Mormon.  
    • This book dealt with the subject of the knowledge of the unseen.  
    • The book is still in print in the US and the UK.  
    • The open book represents the thirst for knowledge.  
    • The book was a sensation, especially the description of the Tahitian society.  
    • The main context of the book based on spiritual and metaphysical knowledge.  
    • It is the pity that the book is out of print.  
    • In the book the illustration differs slightly from the description.  

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