• Pronunciation of botany: B AA1 T AH0 N IY0 ('bɑtəni)

  • Number of syllables of botany: 3

  • Pronunciation Video of botany

  • Definition of botany

    • (n): the branch of biology that studies plants  
  • Examples of botany

    • Now it was identified by the taxonomist of Botany from our institution.  
    • They hold talks of various topics in botany, general biology, arboriculture, and gardening.  
    • It was the most exhaustive study of botany at the time.  
    • The position was soon exchanged for the chair of botany.  
    • Biology The science of life and living organisms Botany The study of plants.  
    • Botany is the biological discipline which involves the study of plants.  
    • In 1600 he was appointed to the chair of Botany and of Anatomy.  
    • The legacy of the herbal extends beyond medicine to botany and horticulture.  
    • However here were the beginnings of descriptive botany and the modern Flora.  
    • It's a part of the world of plants and botany.  

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