• Pronunciation of bringing: B R IH1 NG IH0 NG

  • Number of syllables of bringing: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of bringing

  • Definition of bringing

    • (n): the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail); "his reluctant delivery of bad news"  
  • Examples of bringing

    • Come back and bring on the Microbiology.  
    • Bring your portmanteau right now.  
    • He will bring succor to humanity.  
    • In the community, they bring goodwill.  
    • Charmis is to get the phial and bring to him at once.  
    • He was asked to bring spoliation.  
    • I'll bring the beer, you bring the popcorn.  
    • Muggy weather may bring storms.  
    • You get the permits and we'll bring the shovels.  
    • Well, if you're looking for summer escapism to bring home, then get on the bus.  

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