• Pronunciation of broadcast: B R AO1 D K AE0 S T ('brɔd,kæst)

  • Number of syllables of broadcast: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of broadcast

  • Definition of broadcast

    • (n): message that is transmitted by radio or television  
    • (n): a radio or television show; "did you see his program last night?"  
    • (v): cause to become widely known; "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news"  
    • (v): broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television; "We cannot air this X-rated song"  
    • (v): sow over a wide area, especially by hand; "broadcast seeds"  
  • Examples of broadcast

    • The first was the cancellation of the network broadcast in 1952.  
    • Footage of the President vomiting was broadcast on the ABC network.  
    • The election was all but over, but still no television network had broadcast the news.  
    • Sylvan Lake has no broadcast television stations in the vicinity of the town.  
    • In 1985, he became the anchorman for the stations new Sunrise news broadcast.  
    • The wedding was broadcast on network coverage of the globe in the carnival.  
    • Most television stations broadcast news both in English and Korean.  
    • This is the first national broadcast bulletin of the news of the shooting.  
    • The concert will be broadcast live on television.  
    • The anchor reads the news while the visual is broadcast simultaneously.  

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