• Pronunciation Video of broadside

  • Pronunciation of broadside: B R AO1 D S AY0 D ('brɔd,saɪd)

  • Number of syllables of broadside: 2

  • Definition of broadside

    • (n): the simultaneous firing of all the armament on one side of a warship  
    • (n): the whole side of a vessel from stem to stern; "the ship was broadside to the dock"  
    • (n): all of the armament that is fired from one side of a warship  
    • (n): a speech of violent denunciation  
    • (n): an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"  
    • (v): collide with the broad side of; "her car broad-sided mine"  
    • (s): toward a full side; "a broadside attack"  
    • (r): with a side facing an object; "the train hit the truck broadside"; "the wave caught the canoe broadside and capsized it"  
  • Examples of broadside

    • And this is a good broadside of criticism.  
    • Sassacus struck Albemarle's starboard broadside.  
    • Magenta class broadside ironclad.  
    • The broadside helical is polarized in the circular mode.  
    • The 74 now pouring a broadside into her.  
    • I guess you can hold on to the trigger part and hit them broadside.  
    • It was published as a broadside ballad.  
    • It is part of a broadside collection from 1584.  
    • They couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.  
    • It apparently came from a broadside.  

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