• Pronunciation of challenge: CH AE1 L AH0 N JH ('ʧælɪndʒ)

  • Number of syllables of challenge: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of challenge

  • Definition of challenge

    • (n): a demand by a sentry for a password or identification  
    • (n): questioning a statement and demanding an explanation; "his challenge of the assumption that Japan is still our enemy"  
    • (n): a formal objection to the selection of a particular person as a juror  
    • (n): a call to engage in a contest or fight  
    • (n): a demanding or stimulating situation; "they reacted irrationally to the challenge of Russian power"  
    • (v): raise a formal objection in a court of law  
    • (v): ask for identification; "The illegal immigrant was challenged by the border guard"  
    • (v): issue a challenge to; "Fischer challenged Spassky to a match"  
    • (v): take exception to; "She challenged his claims"  
  • Examples of challenge

    • The most difficult challenge remains the numerical treatment of turbulence.  
    • The autonomous challenge is the major event.  
    • The challenge was both exciting and daunting.  
    • That's the gist of the challenge.  
    • The challenge to maintain my worthiness is great.  
    • Do you challenge the veracity of the material  
    • The more difficult the challenge is, the bigger the rewards.  
    • Boring is the program without the challenge.  
    • The challenge is to have the patience.  
    • The teams compete in the Challenge Cup.  

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