• Pronunciation of circumstances: S ER1 K AH0 M S T AE0 N S AH0 Z

  • Number of syllables of circumstances: 4

  • Pronunciation Video of circumstances

  • Definition of circumstances

    • (n): a person''s financial situation (good or bad); "he found himself in straitened circumstances"  
    • (n): your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you); "whatever my fortune may be"; "deserved a better fate"; "has a happy lot"; "the luck of the Irish"; "a victim of circumstances"; "success that was her portion"  
    • (n): the state (usually personal) with regard to wealth; "each person was helped according to his circumstances"  
  • Examples of circumstances

    • The context is the circumstances surrounding the situation.  
    • He is somewhat abashed of both circumstances.  
    • Under the circumstances, the result was predictable.  
    • It faced difficult and unanticipated circumstances.  
    • The circumstances surrounding the recording were fortuitous.  
    • It didn't seem fathomable under any circumstances.  
    • The circumstances of the crash are unclear.  
    • In the circumstances, this is inexcusable.  
    • The block is legitimate given the circumstances.  
    • His incivility under the circumstances is excusable.  

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