• Pronunciation of clapping: K L AE1 P IH0 NG

  • Number of syllables of clapping: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of clapping

  • Definition of clapping

    • (n): a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together  
  • Examples of clapping

    • They make the sound of a clapping hand.  
    • It was worth the clapping.  
    • The author can tell me what the sound of one hand clapping is.  
    • The onlookers joined in, clapping the rhythm or singing.  
    • People started clapping to the words.  
    • The penalty is usually clapping the loser's hand.  
    • It is better to leave the sound of one hand clapping.  
    • The game consists of clapping and making hand movements.  
    • Enjoy playing the sound of one hand clapping.  
    • In truth its really the sound of one hand clapping.  

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