• Pronunciation of collection: K AH0 L EH1 K SH AH0 N (kə'lɛkʃən)

  • Number of syllables of collection: 3

  • Pronunciation Video of collection

  • Definition of collection

    • (n): the act of gathering something together  
    • (n): request for a sum of money; "an appeal to raise money for starving children"  
    • (n): a publication containing a variety of works  
    • (n): several things grouped together or considered as a whole  
  • Examples of collection

    • The article is useless collection of generalities.  
    • It is contained within the Arthropod Collection.  
    • This is part of the data collection for the nomination dossier.  
    • The portrait was inducted into the presidential collection.  
    • The collection is accessible to the public.  
    • It's a collection of indecipherable jargon.  
    • It's really just a collection of featureless desks.  
    • The collection is described as priceless.  
    • There is a collection of marble statuary.  
    • People flocked to gawk at this collection.  

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