• Pronunciation of construct: K AH0 N S T R AH1 K T

  • Number of syllables of construct: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of construct

  • Definition of construct

    • (n): an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances  
    • (v): reassemble mentally; "reconstruct the events of 20 years ago"  
    • (v): draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions; "construct an equilateral triangle"  
    • (v): put together out of components or parts; "the company fabricates plastic chairs"; "They manufacture small toys"  
    • (v): make by combining materials and parts; "this little pig made his house out of straw"; "Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer"  
    • (v): create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts; "construct a proof"; "construct an argument"  
    • (v): create by linking linguistic units; "construct a sentence"; "construct a paragraph"  
  • Examples of construct

    • The other is partially fake, hysterical, and an imitative construct.  
    • Social construct and the propensity for software piracy is a big issue nowadays.  
    • Assent was granted to construct the line under the Act.  
    • The remainder of the home was demolished to construct the current mansion.  
    • It is a pragmatic construct, not an inviolate promise.  
    • The work was to construct the windows.  
    • Which is not to deny the seriousness of the construct.  
    • The firm hired the American Bridge Company to construct the bridge.  
    • She showed a little aptitude when she construct the building.  
    • The bats chew the fronds of the palms to construct fairly simple tents.  

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