• Pronunciation of consume: K AH0 N S UW1 M (kən'sum)

  • Number of syllables of consume: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of consume

  • Definition of consume

    • (v): engage fully; "The effort to pass the exam consumed all his energy"  
    • (v): serve oneself to, or consume regularly; "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"; "I don''t take sugar in my coffee"  
    • (v): use up (resources or materials); "this car consumes a lot of gas"; "We exhausted our savings"; "They run through 20 bottles of wine a week"  
    • (v): spend extravagantly; "waste not, want not"  
    • (v): eat immoderately; "Some people can down a pound of meat in the course of one meal"  
    • (v): destroy completely; "The fire consumed the building"  
  • Examples of consume

    • This pattern causes the repeater to consume the maximum amount of power.  
    • The flames continue to consume the castle.  
    • At this time it will suppress, consume, and replace the integument.  
    • You should not consume sodium much.  
    • The plasmodium will continue to consume organic matter through phagocytosis.  
    • The patient can now consume victual.  
    • Americans consume some 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year.  
    • At this time, it will suppress, consume, and replace the integument.  
    • Some people prefer to consume the juice by chewing the cane.  
    • The automobiles consume gasoline.  

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