• Pronunciation of deliverance: D IH0 L IH1 V ER0 AH0 N S (dɪ'lɪvərəns)

  • Number of syllables of deliverance: 4

  • Pronunciation Video of deliverance

  • Definition of deliverance

    • (n): recovery or preservation from loss or danger; "work is the deliverance of mankind"; "a surgeon''s job is the saving of lives"  
  • Examples of deliverance

    • Deliverance came in the form of two generous acts.  
    • The basics of these prayers focus on deliverance from misfortune and danger.  
    • He is roughly based on the character Lonnie from the movie 'Deliverance'.  
    • The proposed Day of Deliverance was criticized as being divisive.  
    • The most common of these is the deliverance ceremony.  
    • The shows are still humorous, but lack the classic deliverance.  
    • A remastered version of the former appeared on the Deliverance single.  
    • The duo adopted an inbred redneck persona inspired by the movie Deliverance.  
    • By leaping she hoped to escape and avoid deliverance to the English.  
    • The story then moves to the deliverance of the child.  

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