• Pronunciation Video of delve

  • Pronunciation of delve: D EH1 L V (dÉ›lv)

  • Number of syllables of delve: 1

  • Definition of delve

    • (v): turn up, loosen, or remove earth; "Dig we must"; "turn over the soil for aeration"  
  • Examples of delve

    • Delve back if you will into the history of teh Nonesuch label.  
    • I see scant reason to delve the nuances of the various narratives here.  
    • It should not delve into the minutiae of individual parts of the work.  
    • Only conscious entities can delve into the realms of the conscious.  
    • A serious discussion of Art will begin to delve into these interrelationships.  
    • That is notable but this is not the section to delve into all the gory details.  
    • On the planet, Worf and the alien delve into the dark jungle.  
    • It did not delve into the various laws of the land.  
    • He loves to delve in the fields of Bass Fishing and Call of Duty.  
    • Let's delve into the origins of the disputes.  

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