• Pronunciation of determined: D IH0 T ER1 M AH0 N D (dɪ'tɜrmɪnd)

  • Number of syllables of determined: 3

  • Pronunciation Video of determined

  • Definition of determined

    • (s): strongly motivated to succeed  
    • (a): having been learned or found or determined especially by investigation  
    • (s): characterized by great determination; "a struggle against a determined enemy"  
    • (s): determined or decided upon as by an authority; "date and place are already determined"; "the dictated terms of surrender"; "the time set for the launching"  
    • (s): devoting full strength and concentrated attention to; "made continued and determined efforts to find and destroy enemy headquarters"  
  • Examples of determined

    • He is lively, plucky, determined and willful.  
    • The British people are determined and resolute.  
    • A determined soul will do more.  
    • The impression is determined by the color.  
    • Sir Richard Branson determined to populate Mars.  
    • The culprit was never conclusively determined.  
    • We determined to mix silt and clay.  
    • The feasibility of the project is determined.  
    • Locke sees these as socially determined.  
    • Poonsawat determined to regain title.  

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