• Pronunciation of employ: EH0 M P L OY1 (ɛm'plɔɪ)

  • Number of syllables of employ: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of employ

  • Definition of employ

    • (n): the state of being employed or having a job; "they are looking for employment"; "he was in the employ of the city"  
    • (v): put into service; make work or employ (something) for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose; "use your head!"; "we only use Spanish at home"; "I can''t make use of this tool"; "Apply a magnetic field here"; "This thinking was applied  
    • (v): engage or hire for work; "They hired two new secretaries in the department"; "How many people has she employed?"  
  • Examples of employ

    • The ceramic units employ several thousand unskilled workers in the region.  
    • Please edify me about the rationale which you employ.  
    • He came to the employ of the Spanish Viceroy of Naples.  
    • Overlord later came under the employ of the Jugglers.  
    • The virus was one of the first to employ stealth tactics.  
    • Cutbush was the first American to employ lemon juice to prevent scurvy.  
    • The lab staff wanted to employ new workers.  
    • The boss of the company wanted to employ an allegiant worker candidate.  
    • The clerics definitely are in the employ of the state.  
    • The devil is in the details, to employ an idiom.  

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