• Pronunciation of engage: EH0 N G EY1 JH (ɛn'ɡeɪdʒ)

  • Number of syllables of engage: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of engage

  • Definition of engage

    • (v): get caught; "make sure the gear is engaged"  
    • (v): engage or engross wholly; "Her interest in butterflies absorbs her completely"  
    • (v): give to in marriage  
    • (v): keep engaged; "engaged the gears"  
    • (v): engage for service under a term of contract; "We took an apartment on a quiet street"; "Let''s rent a car"; "Shall we take a guide in Rome?"  
    • (v): as of aid, help, services, or support  
    • (v): carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in; "She pursued many activities"; "They engaged in a discussion"  
    • (v): as of wars, battles, or campaigns; "Napoleon and Hitler waged war against all of Europe"  
    • (v): ask to represent; of legal counsel; "I''m retaining a lawyer"  
    • (v): engage or hire for work; "They hired two new secretaries in the department"; "How many people has she employed?"  
  • Examples of engage

    • The flanges engage the exterior surface of the panel.  
    • But the Poles refused to engage in any parleys.  
    • Jockey wheels engage the top tube of the track.  
    • Does it engage to extrovert action to save the world  
    • Compensating electrical means engage the terminals of the batteries tested.  
    • The two engage in mutual seduction.  
    • At least I don't engage in namecalling and disparagement.  
    • He came to Manila to engage in the galleon trade.  
    • Beaucaire and Lady Carlisle engage in amorous conversation.  
    • Engage in the discussion and address the arguments.  

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