• Pronunciation of faculty: F AE1 K AH0 L T IY0 ('fækəlti)

  • Number of syllables of faculty: 3

  • Pronunciation Video of faculty

  • Definition of faculty

    • (n): one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind  
    • (n): the body of teachers and administrators at a school; "the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university"  
  • Examples of faculty

    • One of the hallmarks of the faculty is their faith.  
    • The screening is supervised by the faculty adviser.  
    • He was the first dean of the faculty of economics.  
    • The faculty provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  
    • Benevolence is a faculty in the discredited theory of Phrenology.  
    • The faculty refused the demands.  
    • The faculty presents the award to a deserving undergraduate student.  
    • Firmness is a faculty from the discipline of Phrenology.  
    • The Criminology Institute is a part of the Faculty.  
    • The faculty was dissolved with the foundation.  

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