• Pronunciation of flora: F L AO1 R AH0 ('floʊrə)

  • Number of syllables of flora: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of flora

  • Definition of flora

    • (n): a living organism lacking the power of locomotion  
    • (n): all the plant life in a particular region  
  • Examples of flora

    • It is generally part of the serpentine soils flora.  
    • The flora of the region is predominantly tropical.  
    • The flora was destroyed.  
    • The sea flora is mainly phytoplankton.  
    • The flora of Italy is the richest in Europe.  
    • The place consists of the local flora and fauna.  
    • The flora of the buffer zone is most vulnerable.  
    • The flora of the area is quite rich.  
    • Flora include oak, cedar, sapodilla, mahogany and chokecherry.  
    • The flora of the region is absolutely spectacular.  

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