• Pronunciation of founder: F AW1 N D ER0 ('faʊndər)

  • Number of syllables of founder: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of founder

  • Definition of founder

    • (n): a person who founds or establishes some institution; "George Washington is the father of his country"  
    • (n): a worker who makes metal castings  
    • (n): inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse  
    • (v): stumble and nearly fall; "the horses foundered"  
    • (v): break down, literally or metaphorically; "The wall collapsed"; "The business collapsed"; "The dam broke"; "The roof collapsed"; "The wall gave in"; "The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice"  
    • (v): sink below the surface  
    • (v): fail utterly; collapse; "The project foundered"  
  • Examples of founder

    • He is the founder of the project and is a good leader and quite the worker.  
    • In 2008, he married Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx undergarment company.  
    • Miriam Kennet is an economist and founder of the company.  
    • He was the founder of the Pontifical College.  
    • He was the founder of the zoological museum.  
    • Shira is the Step sister of Dov Charney founder and owner of American Apparel.  
    • Aristotle is considered the founder of meteorology.  
    • Aiken became the founder of the Science totem.  
    • He was the founder of the Standard Candy Company and the Goo Goo Cluster.  
    • The monument was built for the founder.  

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