• Pronunciation Video of genealogy

  • Pronunciation of genealogy: JH IY0 N IY0 AA1 L AH0 JH IY0 (,dʒini'ɑlədʒi)

  • Number of syllables of genealogy: 5

  • Definition of genealogy

    • (n): successive generations of kin  
  • Examples of genealogy

    • The Wikipedia is not in the genealogy business.  
    • The following is the genealogy of the current company.  
    • The earliest records mention the genealogy.  
    • He sent a copy of the genealogy to the government.  
    • The vindicatory naturalistic genealogy is the fictional account.  
    • The genealogy of the kings of this empire is still debated.  
    • A copy of the decree is found in the genealogy book.  
    • Genealogy is about the person and the family.  
    • Genealogy DNA is all about mutations rates and coalescence times.  
    • The last major publication of the Confucius genealogy was in 1930.  

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