• Pronunciation Video of getting

  • Pronunciation of getting: G EH1 T IH0 NG

  • Number of syllables of getting: 2

  • Definition of getting

    • (n): the act of acquiring something; "I envied his talent for acquiring"; "he''s much more interested in the getting than in the giving"  
  • Examples of getting

    • You have chosen to get angry instead of discussing coolly and rationally.  
    • I don't get the vitriol you have, the venom.  
    • I have to get some water from the ford.  
    • Yup, you get to hear my dulcet tones on your very own compooter  
    • Moreover, you can choose to randomize your playlist so you won't get tired of your own pattern of songs.  
    • First, however, they have to get rid of her disapproving mother.  
    • This will be the main hurtle we have to get over.  
    • Do I have to get it signed in triplicate to remove it  
    • In the real world, they have to get a paycheck from somewhere.  
    • I don't want to have to wince when I get on Wikipedia.  

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