• Pronunciation of hone: HH OW1 N (hoʊn)

  • Number of syllables of hone: 1

  • Pronunciation Video of hone

  • Definition of hone

    • (n): a whetstone made of fine gritstone; used for sharpening razors  
    • (v): make perfect or complete; "perfect your French in Paris!"  
    • (v): sharpen with a hone; "hone a knife"  
  • Examples of hone

    • The inside of the bell is also machined to hone the same to a smooth finish.  
    • He began to hone his craft.  
    • All the while continuing to hone his skills all throughout the 80's.  
    • The receiver is used to hone in on the animal to get the payload back.  
    • The club gave Rodney the perfect venue to hone his act.  
    • At the start of the fourth season, Sam learns to hone and develop these powers.  
    • Missy will work with the crews to master the moves and hone their routines.  
    • The hone of the article seems to be biased.  
    • Later directors of the Choir continued to hone and refine the Choir's sound.  
    • The aim of the programme is to hone students' talents in art.  

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