• Pronunciation of improve: IH0 M P R UW1 V (ɪm'pruv)

  • Number of syllables of improve: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of improve

  • Definition of improve

    • (v): get better; "The weather improved toward evening"  
    • (v): to make better; "The editor improved the manuscript with his changes"  
  • Examples of improve

    • Kouji's unhappy moodiness does not improve.  
    • The students need to improve their comprehensive skill.  
    • The sign motivates to improve the article.  
    • The surface is roughened to improve adhesion.  
    • He obstructed attempts to improve the article.  
    • Children improve cognizance as they grow up.  
    • I plan to improve the article Individualism.  
    • You may improve the article by picking the best sources out of the lot.  
    • The company is striving to develop and improve the existing product range.  
    • Dispensable stockpiling information doesn't necessarily improve an article.  

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