• Pronunciation of install: IH0 N S T AO1 L

  • Number of syllables of install: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of install

  • Definition of install

    • (v): set up for use; "install the washer and dryer"; "We put in a new sink"  
    • (v): place; "Her manager had set her up at the Ritz"  
    • (v): put into an office or a position; "the new president was installed immediately after the election"  
  • Examples of install

    • How long does it take to install WAN  
    • Be careful when you install the setup box for television.  
    • Can Mr.Maslah re install the tranquillity and stability of thepre 1991 Somalia  
    • The temple was the first to install electricity in the vicinity.  
    • When you install a program, it always needs enough amount of space.  
    • He applauded the town's move to install the plaque on the courthouse yard.  
    • The skills to install, establish, and troubleshoot Outlook E mail accounts.  
    • The arrangement is simple to install and relatively inexpensive.  
    • Various subcontractors have been used to do the install work.  
    • They were the first club on the island to install floodlights.  

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