• Pronunciation of interconnect: IH0 N T ER0 K AH0 N EH1 K T

  • Number of syllables of interconnect: 4

  • Pronunciation Video of interconnect

  • Definition of interconnect

    • (v): cause to be interconnected or interwoven  
    • (v): be interwoven or interconnected; "The bones are interconnected via the muscle"  
  • Examples of interconnect

    • Make sure the lines interconnect, so that we will not have any unexpected problems.  
    • The stories interconnect and have unforeseen repercussions, one upon the other.  
    • Three connecting members interconnect the lower ends of the tripod legs.  
    • The commentary about the interconnect is misleading.  
    • The network layer routes messages through the interconnect.  
    • Cables are employed to interconnect the switches and signal conditioners.  
    • These batteries interconnect each other to turn on the lights.  
    • High throughput optical interconnect technology.  
    • Fluid lines interconnect the canisters and the shock suppressor.  
    • The type of interconnect largely depends on the number of nodes present.  

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