• Pronunciation of interlink: IH0 N T ER0 L IH1 NG K (,ɪntər'lɪŋk)

  • Number of syllables of interlink: 3

  • Pronunciation Video of interlink

  • Definition of interlink

    • (v): cause to be interconnected or interwoven  
    • (v): be interwoven or interconnected; "The bones are interconnected via the muscle"  
  • Examples of interlink

    • Please interlink the afrikaans wiki as well.  
    • I was trying to interlink with italian.  
    • There's already an interlink at the Mainlander's article.  
    • The feet tread the center gate and interlink with the enemy's path.  
    • So maybe just an interlink is needed.  
    • These do not necessarily overlap or interlink.  
    • The two articles already interlink.  
    • Quality and Quantity are not interlink.  
    • They do not necessarily interlink or overlap.  
    • The policies interlink to support each other.  

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