• Pronunciation of journey: JH ER1 N IY0 ('dʒɜrni)

  • Number of syllables of journey: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of journey

  • Definition of journey

    • (n): the act of traveling from one place to another  
    • (v): undertake a journey or trip  
    • (v): travel upon or across; "travel the oceans"  
  • Examples of journey

    • He tried to retrace the journey.  
    • The journey was fraught with difficulties.  
    • Preparations for the journey were multifaceted and complicated.  
    • It shows Superman's journey towards manhood.  
    • He and the newlywed widow begin the long journey.  
    • It nourishes the soul for the journey.  
    • They used to croon along the journey.  
    • The journey was a great experience.  
    • The Jules Verne tour beckons as a much more gentle and dreamy journey.  
    • The wayfarer published the book about his journey.  

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