• Pronunciation Video of learning

  • Pronunciation of learning: L ER1 N IH0 NG ('lɜrnɪŋ)

  • Number of syllables of learning: 2

  • Definition of learning

    • (n): the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge; "the child''s acquisition of language"  
    • (n): profound scholarly knowledge  
  • Examples of learning

    • He tries to learn despite the inept teachers and rowdy students.  
    • He did not oblige the students to the learning of the Russian language.  
    • Right learning environment means under 4's can accrue 2000 words.  
    • They learned words in a phonic way.  
    • The way the word is pronounced is the importance of learning other languages.  
    • The child learns how to read words before making senteces.  
    • The students were eager to learn more about the project.  
    • He learned the word 'sensate' in the kindergarten.  
    • They learned the complexities of poetry and the arts of memory.  
    • This is significant in the formation of olfactory memory and learning.  

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