• Pronunciation of manage: M AE1 N AH0 JH ('mænɪdʒ)

  • Number of syllables of manage: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of manage

  • Definition of manage

    • (v): be in charge of, act on, or dispose of; "I can deal with this crew of workers"; "This blender can''t handle nuts"; "She managed her parents'' affairs after they got too old"  
    • (v): watch and direct; "Who is overseeing this project?"  
    • (v): be successful; achieve a goal; "She succeeded in persuading us all"; "I managed to carry the box upstairs"; "She pulled it off, even though we never thought her capable of it"; "The pianist negociated the difficult runs"  
    • (v): carry on or manage; "We could do with a little more help around here"  
    • (v): achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods  
    • (v): come to terms or deal successfully with; "We got by on just a gallon of gas"; "They made do on half a loaf of bread every day"  
  • Examples of manage

    • The American ships could only manage astern.  
    • Betty and her lover manage to escape the conflagration.  
    • The four manage to kidnap the family back.  
    • Spielberg and company manage not to ossify history.  
    • It is too bathetic to manage it.  
    • Does the therapy manage to realise the philosophy  
    • They manage to elude the assault.  
    • How do you manage yourself when you quaver  
    • I do manage to abbreviate this going forward.  
    • They manage to overpower one and substitute the servile control sphere.  

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