• Pronunciation of parcel: P AA1 R S AH0 L ('pɑrsəl)

  • Number of syllables of parcel: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of parcel

  • Definition of parcel

    • (n): the result of parcelling out or sharing; "death gets more than its share of attention from theologicans"  
    • (n): a wrapped container  
    • (n): a collection of things wrapped or boxed together  
    • (n): an extended area of land  
    • (v): make into a wrapped container  
    • (v): cover with strips of canvas; "parcel rope"  
    • (v): divide into parts; "The developers parceled the land"  
  • Examples of parcel

    • That's part and parcel with the nature of the theory.  
    • The new work becomes part and parcel of the article.  
    • The parcel is in the cloakroom wrapped in a raincoat.  
    • Here, parcel B is the dominant tenement, and parcel A is the servient estate.  
    • Its part and parcel of the events of the day.  
    • The parcel holds in moisture to steam the food.  
    • That was all part and parcel of the errors surrounding the block.  
    • The ability to recognise the characters is part and parcel of literacy.  
    • The acreage of the entire parcel comes from Athens County deed records.  
    • That is part and parcel of the leftist view of the conflict.  

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