• Pronunciation Video of pedigree

  • Pronunciation of pedigree: P EH1 D AH0 G R IY0 ('pɛdə,gri)

  • Number of syllables of pedigree: 3

  • Definition of pedigree

    • (n): ancestry of a purebred animal  
    • (n): line of descent of a pure-bred animal  
    • (n): the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors"  
  • Examples of pedigree

    • The dog is a pedigree and the woman supplies him with all the documents.  
    • The family is enlisted into the pedigree book of Kostroma Guberniya.  
    • Also a copy of its pedigree, and its record of its immunization and wormings.  
    • He is a peasant by pedigree.  
    • The article illustrates the pedigree of the King Ranch breeding efforts.  
    • The names of mares are taken from the maternal line in the pedigree.  
    • The Persian is the most popular breed of pedigree cats in the United States.  
    • We know nothing about the pedigree of the quote.  
    • It is one of the oldest pedigree breed clubs in the world.  
    • I have no objection to using the suffix in the pedigree section.  

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