• Pronunciation of ragtime: R AE1 G T AY0 M ('ræɡ,taɪm)

  • Number of syllables of ragtime: 2

  • Pronunciation Video of ragtime

  • Definition of ragtime

    • (n): music with a syncopated melody (usually for the piano)  
  • Examples of ragtime

    • It is a brief history of the ragtime era.  
    • Her look is ragtime.  
    • The situation made him ragtime.  
    • All girls think that his fashion style is ragtime.  
    • The city contributed to the musical styles of blues, ragtime, and jazz.  
    • The conventional wisdom about the musical Ragtime continues to fluctuate.  
    • The band played ragtime music which was still quite popular at the time.  
    • He was in the national tour of Ragtime.  
    • In the very beginning, black jazz musicians played ragtime on the piano.  
    • He played primarily in the styles of ragtime and Dixieland jazz.  

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