• Pronunciation Video of scholarship

  • Pronunciation of scholarship: S K AA1 L ER0 SH IH0 P ('skɑlər,ʃɪp)

  • Number of syllables of scholarship: 3

  • Definition of scholarship

    • (n): profound scholarly knowledge  
    • (n): financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit  
  • Examples of scholarship

    • He got the title and the scholarship.  
    • Elitism is not the hallmark of responsible scholarship.  
    • In general the level of scholarship is appalling.  
    • In general, the level of scholarship is appalling.  
    • It's the main benefit of the scholarship.  
    • The students attend the Junior Scholarship Examination and won the scholarship.  
    • The amount of the scholarship is based on scores students received.  
    • The scholarship of the Takeda is famous.  
    • It is not pedantry to follow the standards of scholarship.  
    • The scholarship is for students interested in the art of the book.  

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