• Pronunciation of sorb: S AO1 R B (sÉ”rb)

  • Number of syllables of sorb: 1

  • Pronunciation Video of sorb

  • Definition of sorb

    • (n): acid gritty-textured fruit  
    • (v): take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption  
  • Examples of sorb

    • I'm a quarter Sorb myself, so don't worry about me.  
    • The word sorbo in Italian means the service tree or the sorb apple tree.  
    • Radionuclides and heavy metals easily sorb onto colloids suspended in water.  
    • I seem to have found variant spellings for both Upper and Lower Sorb.  
    • The word sorbo in Italian means service tree or sorb apple tree.  
    • And I would like to have a source for the fact, that he was Sorb.  
    • And of course all that only applies to the father, so called Sorb or Serbe.  
    • A legacy of this period is the small Sorb population in Saxony.  

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