• Pronunciation Video of workman

  • Pronunciation of workman: W ER1 K M AH0 N ('wɜrkmən)

  • Number of syllables of workman: 2

  • Definition of workman

    • (n): an employee who performs manual or industrial labor  
  • Examples of workman

    • Barrett is known for his workman like play.  
    • The mountain was reconnoitered by the intrepid Workman couple in 1911 12.  
    • His profession is a woodwork workman.  
    • The fourth Baronet discontinued the use of the surname Workman.  
    • The Demiurge or workman has a subordinate role.  
    • A workman was sent up a few days later to collect it.  
    • He was born in Berlin, the son of a workman.  
    • Every workman had his own opening window.  
    • He was the son of a middle class workman.  
    • The head is workman like and the hooves large and sound.  

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